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My Health - Take Assessment

How's your health? Find out with our FREE personal online health assessment. We'll help you identify potential health risks, recommend screening tests, help you track your progress and connect you with resources in your area.

Discover Potential Risks & Take Action

Our health risk assessment tool is a great way to assess you current health. In order to get the most detailed results and recommendations, you should have your most recent health data available, including:

  • Systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • HDL and LDL cholesterol
  • Triglyceride levels
  • Your weight
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    Take Your Health Assessment

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    Understanding Your Assessment Results

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    Develop A Preventive
    Action Plan

Start Your Health Assessment

Your Personal Health Resource

Once you complete your assessment, we'll provide you with a personalized health report about your risk factors and what you can do about them. We'll also recommend classes and other resources in your community.