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What Is MyLifeStages?

    • We’re glad you asked. The savvy ones always do.

      MyLifeStages is an innovative Sutter Health program for women designed to give women like you the information and tools you want so that you can be active and healthy through each stage of life.

      One thing’s for sure, this isn’t your mother’s health care, but perhaps it should be and your friend’s too.

      At MyLifeStages, we’ve looked for ways to put the information in your hands in one convenient place that is easy to use. We’ve pulled together the best in local resources and online technology to bring you a full featured set of helpful life tools like interactive to-do lists, calendars, personalized health reports, customizable medical information and local experts, all in one great, secure place.

      At MyLifeStages we get that you know the basics, you know how to eat well, exercise, rest, reduce stress. So here, we take things a step further by providing you with tools and information to take action. From tools like BMI calculators and health trackers to interactive blogs and reliable health data, MyLifeStages gives you real-life solutions to help you reach your goals. Whether you are looking after yourself, your kids, partner, parents or anyone you care about, we have tools to make that easier on MyLifeStages.

      MyLifeStages is one of the few places online where you’ll find Northern California practicing physicians answering questions, blogging and talking about the very topics that matter most to you. And since MyLifeStages is brought to you by a trusted, not-for-profit health network, you can rest assured that it is designed with you – not commercial interests – in mind.

      You’ve read this far, now take a moment more to learn about the rest of the great things MyLifeStages has to offer and how it can help you and your family be well and stay well through all of life’s many stages.

    - Q&A with Sutter experts
    - Customized health information