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Arfan Din, D.O.Arfan Din, D.O.Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine & Sports MedicineSutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region
Arfan Din, D.O.Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine & Sports MedicineSutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region

Dr. Arfan Din is board certified in family medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Family physicians and the California Academy of Family Physicians. His professional interests include family and sports medicine, cardiovascular health, occupational medicine and aesthetic laser treatment.

Question of the Week

I am concerned because my blood sugar is fluctuating between 110 and 117, over 90 days. I have good eating habits and control my weight, but it's been harder after menopause. Should I be on a sugar-stabilizing medication such as Metformin?

Arfan Din, D.O. answered: As men and women age, it is very clear that metabolism changes. Part of this may be due to hormonal changes, especially in women after menopause. This may be genetic or associated with a decreasing level of exercise or activity.

Levels of fasting glucose that are between 100 and 120 mg/dl indicate a risk of diabetes and are what many call "pre-diabetes". This is not the same as diabetes.

Taking a medication such as Metformin (commonly used for diabetes) has not shown any benefit in reducing the risk of actually developing diabetes. What is well established in studies as a way to reverse prediabetes is to work with your medical provider to monitor your glucose levels over time, and work on adjusting diet, losing weight and exercising more.

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