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Tak Poon, M.D.Tak Poon, M.D.Cardiologist, Integrative MedicineMills-Peninsula Health Services
Tak Poon, M.D.Cardiologist, Integrative MedicineMills-Peninsula Health Services

Dr. Tak Poon is Founder and Medical Director of Mills-Peninsula Health Services Integrative Cardiac Prevention Program, a mind-body-spirit stress and wellness cardiac group program and Integrative Cardio-Metabolic-Syndrome Program, a holistic lifestyle improvement overweight group program. Dr. Poon is the Chair of Mills-Peninsula Hospital Advisory Board, Institute of Health and Healing and involved in Clinical and Preventive Cardiology. In 2005 he was named Mills-Peninsula Health Services First Physician-of-the-Year.

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Question of the Week

Can you recommend a weight loss program for someone who is 100 lbs overweight and has been unsuccessful many times?

Tak Poon, M.D. answered: Each individual is different and must consult his/her own physician, particularly in this high-risk weight category. In general, for weight loss of 100 pounds or more, two of the more reliable, medically supervised programs to consider would be:

(1) Bariatric Surgery. Find Bariatric Surgery programs near you.

2) Meal replacement programs. Find Weight Management programs near you.

For extreme obesity, success via other diet/exercise/lifestyle programs statistically would be an exception, rather than the rule. However, traditional weight management programs can still be useful for maintenance after bariatric surgery or completion of formal weight-management programs.

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