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Digestive System

Digestive System

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Endoscopic Ultrasound Benefits
I have been diagnosed with a digestive disorder and I may be a candidate for an endoscopic ultrasound. What are the benefits of this procedure?
Lactose Intolerance and Goat Cheese
Does goat cheese contain lactose? If I am lactose intolerant, is it safe to eat?
What is a Fatty Liver?
I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver. What causes this and can this condition be reversed?
Lactose and Gluten Sensitivity?
Is the presence of lactose intolerance and/or irritable bowel syndrome typically associated with someone who may also be sensitive to gluten?
Can Estrogen Withdrawl Cause Digestive Problems?
I’m a senior citizen in good health. I stopped taking estrogen two months ago. Within 10 days I started having soft, gray colored stools and gas. A recent colonoscopy test was normal. I don’t eat dairy products. Could stopping estrogen be the cause?
Crohn's Disease and Intestinal Bacteria
I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease two years ago. I recently heard that more harmful bacteria are found in a person with Crohn's than those without this disease. If this is true, is there anything I can do to change the bacteria in my system?
Recovering From Celiac Disease
I’ve been on a gluten free diet for a year. Does that mean that the "fingers" in my small intestine are back to normal? I still have problems with eating too much fiber at one time causing looser and somewhat urgent bowel movements the next morning.
What Common Medications Cause Constipation?
What common medications cause constipation? It seems that ibuprofen affects me.
Best and Worse Foods for Intestinal Scarring
I have intestinal scarring from scleroderma, which now is in remission. I have trouble digesting food and suffer from diarrhea, constipation, digestive pain and rectal cramps. What foods are best for me and what should I avoid?
Symptoms and Treatment Options for Hiatal Hernia
What type of treatments options are there for a hiatal hernia? Also, what type of diet should I follow with this condition?
Can Diverticulitis Be Cured?
I have diverticulitis and a few months ago had a serious attack. I was treated with 14 days of antibiotics and I'm okay now. I had a colonoscopy and the report said "severe diverticulitis of entire colon." Is there any way to get rid of these "pockets”?
"Silent GERD" Prevention and Treatment
I have been diagnosed with "silent GERD". I don't want to take medication the rest of my life. Any suggestions? I have phlegm in my throat that I cannot associate with any specific foods.
Dietary Changes for Peptic Ulcer?
I have bleeding stomach ulcers. What foods do I need to avoid? What foods are beneficial?
Banding Treatment for Hemorrhoids
I have hemorrhoids and banding has been recommended. What is it, what are the benefits, and what is the downside?
Why Am I Feeling Bloated?
I am 51, in good health, run 12 miles per week, and eat well. I seem to notice more often than not, breads and cheese really make me feel bloated; even the smallest portion can trigger this feeling. Is my system just not agreeing with these foods?
Gallstone Symptoms and Treatment
What does gallbladder pain feel like? How do I know if I need medical attention?
Constipation Prevention and Treatment
My boyfriend (44) is constipated. He has taken three or four different kinds of laxatives but they don't seem to be helping him. What will help him?
Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Diet
I have a gluten and a dairy intolerance as well as high cholesterol. Do you have a diet suggestion that may address these issues and still allow me to enjoy meal times? I hate tofu!
Hysterectomy and Excessive Gas
Thirteen years ago I had a total hysterectomy, when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Since the surgery I’ve noticed I have a lot of gas, which is rather embarrassing, especially in public. Is this a normal post-surgical side effect for this su
Menopause and Constipation
I‘ve always been very regular, but now in menopause I’m constipated. I eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water. I’m normal weight and I exercise. I eat prunes and take Benefiber, but I still have small movements with lots of gas.
Celiac Disease and Lactose Intolerance: Can enzymes help?
I just purchased a gluten lactase enzyme medication that claims to let me eat anything safely. I have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, and also feel lactose intolerant. Will this product work, or did I just waste my money?
Stool Color: What does it signify?
What does stool color tell me and aside from bloody or black, are there other colors I should be concerned about?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Steroid Treatment: Is long term use safe?
In the past I've take steroids for my IBS, but since I've stopped my IBS has returned. What are your thoughts on long term steroid use for IBS?
Diverticulitis: Best diet for diverticulitis
I've been diagnosed with diverticulitis (no longer acute) and have been told to avoid nuts and seeds. Do things like peas, beans, corn count as seeds? What is a good diet to avoid another bout of diverticulitis? (I'm also lactose intolerant.)
Lactose Intolerance: Am I lactose intolerant?
I'm 56 and in very good health. My eating habits are normal, but I get bloated frequently. Can you give me some information on what may cause this and how to prevent it?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Bloating
Why is it that recently, at my age of 44, I get extremely bad stomach aches and feel really bloated, one to two weeks before my period? I've never had this before.
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