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Antimicrobial Clothing?
There are a ton of antimicrobial clothing and footwear options available right now. Is it good for my body to be encased in something that is antimicrobial? I've read a lot about a healthy microbiome.
Where to Start in Losing Weight?
I am 51 years old and weigh 256 lbs. I have several medical problems, including knee pain. I also sit all day in my job and my long commute. I want to lose weight - where do I start?
Exercising with Knee Pain?
I am 62 and have been doing Jazzercise aerobic exercise regularly for over a year. I started doing Jazzercise in the morning and began having knee pain. Should I quit this type of exercise? If so, what else should I do to stay in shape?
How Does BMI Relate to Overall Health?
I’m 54, eat well and exercise five times per week. Yet my BMI is 27, which translates as obese. Is a BMI of 27 really that indicative of my overall health?
Treating Shin Splints
I’ve started running to get back into shape and lose some extra pounds, but now I’ve got shin splints. What caused this, how can I get rid of them, and also how do I prevent them from coming back?
Are Dietary Supplements Safe for Athletes?
I’ve been running for a number of years. I feel like I’ve sort of hit a plateau in my race times and performances. I’m considering taking dietary supplements, but I’m concerned about possible side effects. Should I be?
Working Out With Shoulder Impingment
I’ve been diagnosed with impingement in both of my shoulders. I don’t want surgery, but I need a workout routine that does not rely on shoulders/pushups, as I can’t support my body weight that way without having significant pain. Any suggestions?
Pacemaker and Exercise
I had a pacemaker inserted a year ago. It keeps dropping down and looks like the wires are about to pop out. I’ve asked my cardiologist about it several times and he said it’s fine and should not drop anymore. I exercise 5x/week. Is that too much?
Knee Arthritis and Physical Activity
I'm 56 and play racquetball 2x a week, speed walk 6+ miles at a time, and play volleyball. My knees ache after I play. I ice after activities and have been taking Cellaplex for two months. How do I know if I am damaging my knees?
RICE Method of Knee Pain Treatment
What is the RICE method of knee pain treatment?
Pacemaker and Diving
I'm a scuba diver who just had a pacemaker implanted. Is it safe to continue to dive? I have normal heart muscle function.
Athlete's Foot Symptoms and Treatment
What are the symptoms of athlete's foot and what is the best way to get rid of it?
Painful Pops and Cracks in Knees
My knee pops out consistently when I work out. I’m 19 years old, at a healthy weight, and have an active lifestyle. I have quit working out several times due to painful cracks and pops. Is there anything that I can do to prevent this from happening?
Hip Replacement, Exercise and Weight Loss
I had full hip replacement surgery last year (left side) and it worked well. However, my right hip is now hurting. How can I lose weight effectively without irritating the bad hip?
Severe Achilles Tendinitis and Exercise
I have severe Achilles tendinitis and can't even go on long walks for exercise. What workouts would you recommend while I recover? It's been weeks since I've broken a good sweat.
Physical Fitness vs. Body Weight
My goal next year is to improve my overall health. Can you tell me if I should focus more on lowering my weight, as I’m a few pounds heavier than I should be, or concentrate more on exercising?
Tips to Lower Cholesterol
What's a bigger dietary cause of high cholesterol -- animal protein like eggs and meat, or high-sugar foods and simple carbs? Seems like I'm hearing a lot more about the harm of sugar these days.
Natural ways to lower blood pressure?
I’m a 41-year-old woman who exercises regularly and eats healthy food. High cholesterol and high blood pressure run in my family. My blood pressure is borderline high. Are there natural ways to lower blood pressure without medications?
Aerobic vs. Resistance Exercise
Experts say not to skip meals because it slows metabolism down. We are also advised to exercise to burn fat. Now they say you can’t just do aerobics, you need resistance training. I’m training with weights and all I'm doing is getting bigger.
What Can I Do to Support Aging, Sore Feet?
I find as I have gotten older (mid 40's), my feet get sore easily and that in my workout shoes I now need extra support. Is this typical? Do feet age like the rest of us, and is there anything I can do to better support my feet?
Menopause and Belly Fat
I'm a very active pre-menopausal 50-year-old who eats right and works out four to six times a week. Why in the world can I not lose my belly cellulite and build more muscle? I'm ready to quit everything and just get fat and eat junk food!
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