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Talking About Herpes with Sex Partner
When should you tell a potential sex partner about herpes?
What Age for Pneumonia Vaccine?
At what age should I have a pneumonia vaccination? Thank you!
Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Cancer
I am a prostate cancer survivor, age 72, who remains interested in sexual activity. However I suffer from ED and have not found medications to be helpful. Are the penal constrictive devices an option? What other options are available?
Herpes Simplex 1 and Kissing
I have recently been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus 1. Does that mean I will never be able to kiss?
Concussions in Children and Teens
I’m concerned about my child getting a concussion while taking part in organized athletics. What can I do?
Circumcise an Older Child?
I chose not to circumcise my son. Now the AAP issued a policy statement that actively endorses circumcision. While my son is only two years old, I worry that I made the wrong decision. Should I have him circumcised now?
Herpes and Shingles?
What is the relationship between herpes and shingles? I have been diagnosed with herpes, and am experiencing breakouts of pimples/blisters on my arms, legs and chest, made worse by stress and physical activity that makes me sweat. What can be done?
Can Dehydration Trigger a Migraine?
I've been having visual migraines where I get jagged vision, usually in my left eye and progressing from the lower right edge to encompass my whole left visual field. Could this be the result of dehydration?
Belly Fat in Men
Why do men put weight on at their stomachs? My husband tries to lose weight, but his belly is very slow to go down. He doesn't drink alcohol. Do you have any suggestions on how he can lose this belly fat?
Cause of Curved Penis
My husband, of 38 years, and I were having sex when we noticed for the first time that his penis was twisted. He’s always had a normal erection. We were wondering if this should be checked? He was also just diagnosed with melanoma on his ear.
Is Pain Medication Causing Low Libido and Depression?
My husband had back surgery last year. He takes medication daily for chronic pain. The last few months he seems depressed and has very little interest in sex. Could the medication or the pain be causing this? Any suggestions on how I can help him?
Radiation Therapy for Cancer
My husband has been diagnosed with cancer and will begin radiation therapy soon. Can you tell me if this type of therapy is safe, are there side effects, and what can he do to stay as healthy as he can during the treatments?
Definition of Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence
What is the difference between erectile dysfunction and impotence?
Athlete's Foot Symptoms and Treatment
What are the symptoms of athlete's foot and what is the best way to get rid of it?
Causes of Insomnia
Since my 20s I've had insomnia. Now in my 40s, the insomnia has been unremitting. When I do sleep, I often wake up drenched. OTC sleep aids and herbal remedies don't help. I exercise and eat a healthy diet - what else should I consider?
Frequent Male Urination
My partner has begun to get up at night to urinate. He never did this before. He doesn't have symptoms of infection, like burning or pain. Should he be worried?
Enlarged Heart and Sexual Activity
Can you participate in sex with an enlarged heart?
Physical Fitness vs. Body Weight
My goal next year is to improve my overall health. Can you tell me if I should focus more on lowering my weight, as I’m a few pounds heavier than I should be, or concentrate more on exercising?
Vertigo: Vertigo and climaxing
For the first time in my life I experience vertigo after climaxing. Why is that?
Mammograms: Are mammograms effective for men?
Are mammograms effective for men?
Nail Fungus: Non-prescription treatments
What can I use for toe nail fungus without a prescription?
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