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Birth Control During Menopause
I am 51 years old. What is my chance of still getting pregnant, and how should I handle birth control as I move through menopause?
Urinary Tract Infections
I’ve heard urinary tract infections (UTIs) are getting harder to treat. Why is this and who’s at risk of developing one?
Clitoris Changes with Age
Does the clitoris disappear with age? After 70?
Can Estrogen Withdrawl Cause Digestive Problems?
I’m a senior citizen in good health. I stopped taking estrogen two months ago. Within 10 days I started having soft, gray colored stools and gas. A recent colonoscopy test was normal. I don’t eat dairy products. Could stopping estrogen be the cause?
Perimenopause and Pregnancy
I’m a women in her 50s who is going through perimenopause. I have only had one menstrual period this year. Is there still a possibility that I could get pregnant?
Low Sex Drive and Pain with Intercourse After Hysterectomy
I had a partial hysterectomy four months ago. My left ovary was damaged so it was removed, leaving only my right. Since the surgery I have had no sex drive. And when I do it’s painful. What can I do?
How Does BMI Relate to Overall Health?
I’m 54, eat well and exercise five times per week. Yet my BMI is 27, which translates as obese. Is a BMI of 27 really that indicative of my overall health?
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Stroke Risk
What are the effects of hormone replacement therapy on a person who has a history of lacunar stroke?
Menopause and Facial Discoloration
I’m a 54-year-old African-American woman (menopausal) who is experiencing facial discoloration, especially around my mouth and chin. My complexion is normally brown/caramel. Since menopause I have light patches of skin in this area. What can I do?
Menopause Symptoms After a Hysterectomy?
I had surgery to have my uterus taken out because of a large fibroid. I don’t have periods anymore, and have not had any since my surgery in 2011. How will I know when I am actually in menopause? I turned 50 in May.
Frequent Urinary Tract Infections After Menopause
Since I went through menopause, I am getting more UTI's. Is this normal? Why does it happen?
Hot Flash and Depression Relief
I’m 57, postmenopausal, and have been on HRT for a few years. My OB/GYN took me off hormones a couple months ago. My hot flashes are through the roof and making life miserable. I'm also having a lot of depression and feel like crying all the time. Help!
Cause of Bloating After Hysterectomy
I underwent a total hysterectomy in February of last year. Is it normal that my stomach still feels swollen? I’m using topical Evamist (two sprays each day) that my doctor recommended.
Hormone Fluctuations Near Menopause
I'm 44 and am having a lot of highs and lows with energy, not sleeping well, but without hot flashes or loss of menses. My mother had a hysterectomy at 44, so her experience with menopause was cut short. Is this perimenopause or just hormone fluctuations?
Do High FSH Levels Cause Joint Pain?
My FSH level is 77. Can menopause be a reason that my knee joints hurt? I don't have any sports injury. Will it resolve in time?
Fibroid Symptoms and Growth
An ultrasound showed that I have eight fibroids, one the size of an orange. I’ve had fibroids in the past and had a myomectomy. I’m 45, have no symptoms other than frequent urination and bloating. Will they continue to grow and will they multiply?
Increased Fertility Before Menopause?
Do women experience a surge in fertility at any point in perimenopause or just before menopause?
Menopause and Menstrual Bleeding
I'm 57 years old and going through menopause. Last week I experienced three days of bleeding. It was a light flow, but at my age I’m concerned. I'm not on any type of medication, not even aspirin. Is this something out of the normal?
Hot Flashes After Menopause
I’m 63 and have had hot flashes for the last 20 years. I still have all my 'parts' and don’t take hormones. I suffer from severe depression and take anti-depressants. Is there anything I can do? Can this be thyroid related? Should I move to Alaska?
Over-the-Counter Progesterone Cream
Is it safe for me to use Pro-G-Yam progesterone cream for hot flashes? I have a family history of breast cancer. Is progesterone the same as estrogen?
Burning Sensation on Tongue
I’ve been experiencing a burning sensation on my tongue for two months. It only involves one inch near the tip. There is no redness, lesions or broken skin, just the burning, which causes my mouth to water. I've heard this may be a menopausal symptom.
Menopause and Melasma (Skin Discoloration)
I’m 53 and in menopause. Since perimenopause my melasma has returned. I had it my 30's due to birth control pills. I’m using TriLuma and am fanatical about sunscreen. I'm Asian and dermatologists have told me laser or other procedures might worsen it.
Estrogen Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Menopause
I’m 53 and take Mimvey for hot flashes and sleeplessness. I‘ve tried to stop but the symptoms return. Is there a "hump" to get over before they stop? How long is HRT recommended? Also, are my electrical and heart problems due to hormones? Can HRT help?
Menopause and Constipation
I‘ve always been very regular, but now in menopause I’m constipated. I eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water. I’m normal weight and I exercise. I eat prunes and take Benefiber, but I still have small movements with lots of gas.
Menopause and Urinary Tract Infections
Does menopause cause increased urinary tract infections? It seems like I'm getting more of them now that I'm older.
Menopause and Biotin
Is vertigo tied to menopause? Also, I'm taking 1000 mcg of biotin for my hair and nails and noticing that I have more intense hot flashes. Does biotin increase hot flashes?
Menopause with Joint and Muscle Pain
How does menopause affect the joints and muscles in your body?
Hysterectomy and Loss of Libido
Two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare uterine cancer. The doctors took everything including some lymph nodes. I’ve always had a healthy sexual appetite but since my surgery I feel numb - like a robot with no feelings. Is there anything I can do?
Shrinking ovaries
I had a partial hysterectomy 18 years ago(my ovaries were not removed). Lately I've been having pain and cramping, so recently had x-rays and an ultrasound. The doctor could not find my ovaries. Can ovaries just disappear on their own?
Best treatment for menopausal depression
What is the more appropriate way to treat menopausal depression, hormone replacement or SSRIs?
Loss of Sexual Attraction to Partner
I have recently lost all desire to be intimate with my partner. I sometimes feel it to be repulsive. I do find him attractive, but the thought of sex or even just kissing him makes me freak out.
Menopause and Belly Fat
I'm a very active pre-menopausal 50-year-old who eats right and works out four to six times a week. Why in the world can I not lose my belly cellulite and build more muscle? I'm ready to quit everything and just get fat and eat junk food!
Perimenopause and Migraines
Now that I'm 50+, I've been getting severe headaches with my periods, and it also seems like my nasal allergy symptoms are worse at those times. Is this just a coincidence, or is this associated with perimenopause?
Perimenopause and Memory Impairment
Could the hormonal changes I’m experiencing during perimenopause be affecting my memory? I’ve heard a lot of references to “meno-fog.”
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