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Mental Health / Stress Management

Mental Health / Stress Management

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Adrenal Fatigue
I am post-menopausal and dealing with adrenal fatigue. What do you recommend?
Stress and Heart Palpitations
I have been having palpitations and skipped heartbeats for several months. My EKGs and blood work are normal. Is this all stress and anxiety?
Differentiating Between Grief and Clinical Depression
My mom died a few months ago and dad isn’t taking it well. He’s lost interest in food, socializing, is not sleeping well, and has guilt about “unfinished business” in their relationship. How can I tell the difference between natural grief and depression?
Asthma and Stress Correlation
I have had asthma since childhood. As an adult, I find that when I’m really stressed or anxious, my asthma gets worse. Is there a correlation? Also how can I tell the difference between an asthma attack and an anxiety attack?
Insomnia and SSRI Medications
What can I do if my SSRI is causing me to have insomnia? I've been on Prozac for a year (and it's been a huge help with my OCD), but I can't seem to string together more than two hours of sleep at a time.
Hot Flash and Depression Relief
I’m 57, postmenopausal, and have been on HRT for a few years. My OB/GYN took me off hormones a couple months ago. My hot flashes are through the roof and making life miserable. I'm also having a lot of depression and feel like crying all the time. Help!
Treatment Options for Depression and Stress
I’m 30 and have had depression throughout my life. I’m on antidepressants, but lately I’ve been very antisocial - staying home or working late. I have a high-stress job and haven't been able to sleep. I also have headaches, mood swings, and weight gain.
Heart Attack vs. Severe Anxiety
Awhile ago my husband complained of a pounding heart. He said it felt like it was thumping against his chest. Tests showed that he was fine and it was probably caused by stress. How can we tell the difference between severe anxiety and a heart attack?
Is Pain Medication Causing Low Libido and Depression?
My husband had back surgery last year. He takes medication daily for chronic pain. The last few months he seems depressed and has very little interest in sex. Could the medication or the pain be causing this? Any suggestions on how I can help him?
Stroke and Depression
My mom had a stroke about seven months ago. Although she is slowly recovering from it, she seems depressed to me. Is this just part of the recovery, or should I talk to her about it so that she can get some sort of treatment?
Emotional or Behavioral Problems in Adolescence
I can’t tell if my son (age 14) is just being a teenager or if his symptoms might be early signs of a mental health problem. He’s not doing as well in school, is overly sensitive to comments, sleeping more, and binging on junk food.
Depression and Stress
I'm 33, with two wonderful kids, but my life is falling apart when it comes to my relationship with my husband. I don’t want to be around him because he’s so controlling. I cry a lot, my head pounds, I’m dizzy and I have body pain. Is this depression?
"Broken Heart Syndrome" - Stress Cardiomyopathy
I’ve been through some bad loses this year (relationship, foreclosure) and have had chest pain and shortness of breath. My doctor said I had stress cardiomyopathy (broken heart syndrome). What are the other symptoms, is it dangerous, will I get it again?
Causes of Memory Loss
Memory loss or changes may have multiple causes or impersonators. What are some of them other than stress? Are early onset dementia symptoms recognizable by the person experiencing the symptoms?
Insomnia and Type 2 Bipolar Disorder
I come from a long line of insomniacs who struggle to put together more than 3 hours of sleep at once. I've heard that chronic insomnia that runs in families can be an indicator of Type 2 Bipolar Depression. What are your thoughts?
Causes of Insomnia
Since my 20s I've had insomnia. Now in my 40s, the insomnia has been unremitting. When I do sleep, I often wake up drenched. OTC sleep aids and herbal remedies don't help. I exercise and eat a healthy diet - what else should I consider?
Stress and Heart Health
I have my heart disease under control with diet and medication. Can work stress have a negative impact on my heart? If so, what can I do?
Nervous Breakdown vs. Acute Mental Disorder
What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown? How does it differ from depression or anxiety?
Thinning Hair
Are there any safe oral supplements you would recommend for thinning hair? I believe this is happening because of hypothyroid medication.
Prozac: Long term use of SSRIs
What are your thoughts on the long-term use of SSRIs like Prozac? I have OCD and think I'll probably need it for the rest of my life.
Best treatment for menopausal depression
What is the more appropriate way to treat menopausal depression, hormone replacement or SSRIs?
Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, causes, diagnosis of bipolar disorder
Is there a test to confirm if you are bipolar? And would you have symptoms from birth or does it develop?
Heart Attack: Partner's concern about recovery
My husband had triple bypass open heart surgery with a terrific outcome. Since his heart attack I’m not sleeping well. My doctor prescribed sleeping pills which I don’t take in case he needs me. What can I do to feel more confident that he’s doing ok?
Loss of Sexual Attraction to Partner
I have recently lost all desire to be intimate with my partner. I sometimes feel it to be repulsive. I do find him attractive, but the thought of sex or even just kissing him makes me freak out.
Depression and Heredity
My mother suffered from depression. Should I be worried that I too will develop depression as I age?
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