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Risks of Head and Neck Imaging?
I have heard of problems from having x-rays or other imaging studies done on the head and neck. Are there risks?
Should I Have Imaging Done for Headaches?
I am worried about my frequent headaches. Do I need an imaging study to see if the headaches might represent a bigger health issue?
Diagnosing Headaches
If I don't want to have a CT or MRI of my head, what else can my doctor do to determine the cause of my headaches?
How Long Does Sunscreen Last?
My son is in school all day, then jumps into a car to travel to an outdoor swim practice. He has about five minutes to get ready. If we apply sunscreen in the morning, is it still effective eight hours later? What sunscreens are best for his situation?
What Age for Pneumonia Vaccine?
At what age should I have a pneumonia vaccination? Thank you!
Cholesterol Too Low?
We hear about high cholesterol, but can someone have cholesterol numbers that are too low?
Herpes Simplex 1 and Kissing
I have recently been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus 1. Does that mean I will never be able to kiss?
Adrenal Fatigue
I am post-menopausal and dealing with adrenal fatigue. What do you recommend?
Antimicrobial Clothing?
There are a ton of antimicrobial clothing and footwear options available right now. Is it good for my body to be encased in something that is antimicrobial? I've read a lot about a healthy microbiome.
Treating Swimmer's Ear
What is “swimmer’s ear” and what is the best way to deal with it?
Neuropathy Pain in Legs and Feet
I have neuropathy in both feet and legs. They feel heavy and at night they sometimes burn. My feet feel like I have a second skin, which makes it difficult to wiggle my toes and arch my feet.
What is a Nurse Practitioner?
My Ob-Gyn’s office recently added a nurse practitioner. Can you tell me more about their qualifications and what they do?
Cause of Bleeding Gums?
I am experiencing bleeding when I floss or brush my teeth. I recently switched to an electric toothbrush. What can I do to prevent the bleeding?
Wrinkled Hands?
What kind of anti-aging treatments are available for wrinkled hands? Of course, hands are always visible and mine have begun to look splotchy and wrinkled.
Microwaving Plastic Bags of Veggies?
I love all the bags of vegetables that come pre-washed and provide directions for steaming in the plastic bag they are packed in. How safe is this? I’m microwaving in the same plastic bag used to transport and store the vegetables.
Numbness and Tingling in the Hands
I wake up with my right hand numb. My thumb and middle finger seem the worst. It takes awhile for the numbness to wear off. I work in a grocery store, so I’m always on my feet and on the register. What should I do?
Melatonin for Kids?
My sister-in-law's pediatrician recommended melatonin to help her three-year-old go to sleep at night. She says it works well. But how safe can this type of thing be for toddlers?
What is a Fatty Liver?
I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver. What causes this and can this condition be reversed?
Herpes and Shingles?
What is the relationship between herpes and shingles? I have been diagnosed with herpes, and am experiencing breakouts of pimples/blisters on my arms, legs and chest, made worse by stress and physical activity that makes me sweat. What can be done?
Symptoms of Meniere's Disease
I have been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. I have always had ringing in my left ear. Recently I have noted a thumping sound in my left ear. Is this another symptom of Meniere's Disease?
The Best Sunscreen?
I just read information about sun protection, noting the ingredients necessary for a good sun screen. I checked the sunscreens I use and see NONE of those ingredients. Can you recommend a product with the best ingredients?
Is Vertigo a Migraine Symptom?
I was diagnosed with benign positional vertigo. Is vertigo, sometimes accompanied by nausea, a common precursor to migraines? My migraines don’t usually have debilitating headaches; the vertigo is the worst symptom.
Can Dehydration Trigger a Migraine?
I've been having visual migraines where I get jagged vision, usually in my left eye and progressing from the lower right edge to encompass my whole left visual field. Could this be the result of dehydration?
Best Cold Medications for High Blood Pressure Patients
What is a good over-the-counter chest cold congestion medicine? What product is okay for high blood pressure patients?
Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment and Recovery
I was recently diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT). I am being treated with Xarelto. What else can I do to promote healing during next six months of treatment? I'm physically active and I wear a compression stocking on the leg with DVT.
Can Gum Disease Cause Heart Disease?
I’m in treatment right now for periodontal disease. My dentist told me recently that gum disease can be associated with heart disease. I had never heard of this before. Is it true?
Tuberculosis Exposure and Screening
I’m volunteering with a medical/dental mission to Cambodia. I’m concerned about the incidence of TB, and if I’m infected, how soon I could tell? I work closely with children and don’t want to expose them to TB after my return. Should I be tested?
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Stroke Risk
What are the effects of hormone replacement therapy on a person who has a history of lacunar stroke?
Acupunture as a Migraine Treatment?
I am a frequent migraine sufferer and I was told that acupuncture can actually help more than drugs to prevent attacks. Is this true?
Hair Loss Causes and Treatment Options
I was told by a dermatologist that I was born with ectodermal dysplasia. I’ve never had a lot of hair but it’s getting even thinner as I get older. Is there a diet or supplement that I can take to promote better hair growth, and help me keep what I have?
Should I Get a Shot to Prevent Shingles?
I am a woman (59) and I have been hearing that one out of three people get shingles. I was wondering if I should get a vaccination. Am I insured for this, if not, how much does this shot cost?
Noises in Ear
I have a thumping sound in my left ear. The sound is rapid and irregular, and not synced with my pulse. It started four days ago at night. Today for first time I noticed sounds like tapping gently on a speaker cone. It doesn’t seem to affect hearing.
Does Being Overweight Increase Migraine Episodes?
I’m a woman (45) who gets frequent migraines. I’m also about 40 pounds overweight. I read somewhere that being overweight might actually increase the number of migraines that I get. Is this true, and would losing weight help?
Diabetes and Hearing Loss
I have diabetes and I read recently that people with this disease have a higher risk of hearing problems. Why would this be, and is there anything I can do to prevent it?
Bloating From Pain Medication
I have severe bloating from taking pain medication. Is this normal?
Can Botox Help Reduce Migraines?
Can Botox help reduce migraines?
Thrombocytopenia Causes and Symptoms
I was recently diagnosed with thrombocytopenia. I have been extremely fatigued. I asked my doctor if that was a symptom and he said no. When I looked online I saw that fatigue was one of the most common symptoms. Is this accurate?
Health Precautions While Traveling Overseas
What kind of health precautions should be taken before traveling to South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam)?
Hearing Loss Research and New Treatments
Is there any research being done to help treat and prevent hearing loss? So many older people I know seem to be dealing with it.
What Is an Ocular Migraine?
What is an ocular migraine, and how do I know if I'm having one?
How Do Migraine and Stroke Symptoms Differ?
Migraine and stroke symptoms seem to overlap. How do I know I’m just having a migraine and not a stroke?
Hearing Loss and NSAIDS Use
I take ibuprofen daily for back problems, but I read recently that sometimes it can cause hearing loss. Is this true, and how much would you need to take to cause this to happen?
Banding Treatment for Hemorrhoids
I have hemorrhoids and banding has been recommended. What is it, what are the benefits, and what is the downside?
Diet and Hyperthyroidism
I recently was diagnosed with Graves's disease. I also have gluten intolerance and have been eating some gluten foods. Do you think that my diet contributed to hyperthyroidism?
Lowering Your Risk of Stroke
Is there anything I can do to lower my risk of having a stroke?
Is Hearing Loss Inevitable As We Age?
Is hearing loss inevitable as we age? Is there anything we can do to prevent it?
Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure?
I found alot of black mold in my home. What are symptoms that mold is affecting me?
Is Pain Medication Causing Low Libido and Depression?
My husband had back surgery last year. He takes medication daily for chronic pain. The last few months he seems depressed and has very little interest in sex. Could the medication or the pain be causing this? Any suggestions on how I can help him?
Preventing a Second Stroke
My dad had a stroke about a year ago and is doing better now, but it made me wonder, is there any way to prevent another one from happening (like a better diet, exercise)?
What is a Retracted Eardrum?
Our doctor told my husband that he has a retracting eardrum. What does this mean?
Stroke and Depression
My mom had a stroke about seven months ago. Although she is slowly recovering from it, she seems depressed to me. Is this just part of the recovery, or should I talk to her about it so that she can get some sort of treatment?
Pain Medication Side Effects
I've had chronic pain for a number of years for a back injury, and take NSAIDs and other medications daily to control it. But I now have stomach irritation and constipation, so do I take other medications to deal with that?
Ear Wax Build-Up Treatment
How do I get a buildup of wax out of my ears? My friend suggested an over-the-counter product (Deprox). Are there any home remedies that I can use, and what do you think of ear candles?
Fingernail Problems and Treatment
My fingernails curve deeply underneath as they grow. My doctor says "Don't worry about it, just keep cutting them short". I don’t think this is a correct answer or approach, and that it could be a serious condition / lack of some element(s) in my body.
Second-Degree Burn Treatment
I burned my hand on the oven yesterday, and now the blister has opened up. Is it best to leave the burn uncovered so that it can dry, or should I bandage it?
Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping
I’ve contemplated having a nose job because of a bump on my nose. I read about a non-surgical procedure that uses fillers, like Restylane, to reshape the nose. Can you tell me more about this? Are there risks involved? How often would I need to do this?
Frequent Bruising Causes
I bruise very easily - and have since I was a child. Why am I like a banana?
Stroke Recovery and Treatment
My dad had a stroke two months ago. He is still having some trouble with walking and speaking. Can you tell me if a stroke victim can ever return to “normal”?
Tinnitus: Ringing in the Ears
I’ve been taking antibiotics for an ear infection for about six days, but my ears won’t stop ringing. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
Varicose Vein Treatment
I have some ugly and large varicose veins on my legs. I’ve read about laser treatments to remove them, but would like to know how many treatments it takes, does the treatment hurt, and will my insurance cover the procedure?
Kidney Stone Prevention
I was recently diagnosed with a kidney stone, but my doctor thinks it will pass on its own without treatment. What is a kidney stone, and is there anything I can do to prevent getting them again?
Hearing Loss
My husband has been complaining that I'm not hearing everything he says. If I had hearing loss, wouldn't I certainly know it?
Who Should Get Shingles Vaccine?
My mother, who is 91, had a mastectomy 30 years ago. Luckily, she is still in good health today. Is it okay for her to get a shingles shot now? It's hard to tell whether her immune system is weak or not.
Are Two Hearing Aids Needed?
I have two hearing aids, but find that sometimes when I use both, the sound is too intense, so I remove one. Are two hearing aids really necessary?
Can Children Get Rosacea?
Can children get Rosacea? I just read your article about it and think my 13-year-old might have it. Please let me know if that is possible. She has fair skin and red cheeks almost all the time. Sometimes her cheeks burn and they feel warm to the touch.
Burning Sensation on Tongue
I’ve been experiencing a burning sensation on my tongue for two months. It only involves one inch near the tip. There is no redness, lesions or broken skin, just the burning, which causes my mouth to water. I've heard this may be a menopausal symptom.
Nocturia: Frequent urination at night
What can I do about frequent urination during the night? I wake up at least once or twice to urinate. Are there things I can try myself?
"Mini Strokes" - Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA)
What is a mini stroke? Are there any warning signs before it happens?
Tattoos and Skin Infections
My 17-year-old son got a tattoo about two weeks ago. The skin is now looking red and bumpy. Could this be an infection ot just a skin irritation? Should he see a doctor?
High Calcium Levels in the Blood
My calcium level is high. What foods do I need to cut down on? What about dairy products, orange juice, fortified cereal and eggs, which I thought were good for me? I’m on Tamoxifen and have been through chemo. Does that contribute to high calcium?
Correlation Between Strokes and Migraines?
I'm a frequent sufferer of migraines. Does this mean that I'm at a higher risk of stroke?
Athlete's Foot Symptoms and Treatment
What are the symptoms of athlete's foot and what is the best way to get rid of it?
Parkinson's Disease Symptoms and Diagnosis
I’ve been noticing slight tremors, some speech difficulties and stiffness in my 72-year-old dad. Could these symptoms be related to Parkinson’s disease? How is it diagnosed?
Shoe Buying Tips
What tips should I follow when I'm shopping for shoes?
Nosebleed Causes and Prevention
My 7-year-old son gets nosebleeds often. What causes them and can they be prevented?
Causes of Insomnia
Since my 20s I've had insomnia. Now in my 40s, the insomnia has been unremitting. When I do sleep, I often wake up drenched. OTC sleep aids and herbal remedies don't help. I exercise and eat a healthy diet - what else should I consider?
Tickling in Ear Canal
For the past three months I’ve had a constant and irritating tickle in my inner ear. It even wakes me up at night. I’ve used ear rinses and had my primary care doctor examine it, but she could not find anything. Any suggestions?
Hearing Tests for Children
My 10 year old daughter is having trouble with comprehension and focus in school. Do you think that her hearing should be tested?
Symptoms of a Brain Tumor
Are there symptoms of a brain tumor, and if so, what are they?
Ingrown Toenail Treatment
I have an ingrown toenail that I want to treat at home. How do I do it?
Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids Addiction?
Can you become addicted to over the counter sleep aids like Tylenol PM?
Evaluating Snoring
My husband complains that my snoring keeps him up at night at night. I think I sleep well (six to eight hours/night) but lately I get very sleepy after a meal and in the afternoons. Do you think my snoring is interfering with my sleep and what may be cau
Toenail Fungus Treatment
I have a yellow discoloration on most of my toenails. I've tried a few over-the counter creams, but they did not work. Any suggestions? What is your opnion of laser treatments for this problem?
Pseudoephedrine and Improved Thinking
This past two years my brain seemed very foggy and I've had a lot of memory problems. Yet when I take pseudoephedrine for a sinus headache, it not only clears my sinuses, it causes me to be able to think very clearly and I have improved memory. Why?
Pink Eye Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
What are the symptoms of pink eye? How is it treated?
Acute vs. Chronic Pain
What is the difference between acute and chronic pain?
Muffled Thumping Sound in Ear
What would cause a muffled thumping sound in my left ear (almost like hearing a heart beat)? This sound is not in the right ear, only the left. It doesn't happen all the time and there is no hearing loss.
Vertigo: Vertigo and climaxing
For the first time in my life I experience vertigo after climaxing. Why is that?
Hearing Loss and Vertigo
Three weeks ago I lost hearing in my right ear with severe vertigo. An ER doctor gave me antibiotics which didn't help. I went to ER again. They flushed the ear and my hearing came back, but the vertigo is still present and seems to be getting worse.
Aneurism: When should an aneurism be operated on?
Two years ago I was diagnosed with a 4mm brain aneurism. My doctor told me that surgery is not performed until the aneurism is at least 7mm. I have an MRI every year and the size has not changed. Should I be concerned and doing something more?
Loud Music and Hearing Loss
I use ear buds with my MP3 player and wondered what volume of sound is safe. Can loud music cause hearing loss?
Which Hearing Aids Are Best?
I have moderate hearing loss in both ears. I’ve been fitted with behind the ear hearing aids at three centers with no real improvement in discerning speech (ambient noise comes through loud and clear). Which are best to help me hear normal conversations?
Middle Age Hearing Loss
It's hard for me to follow a conversation when two or more people talk at once. I'm a 48 year old woman who has had no hearing problems in the past. Should I be concerned?
Symptoms of stroke
How do I know if I have had a stroke?
Nail Fungus: Non-prescription treatments
What can I use for toe nail fungus without a prescription?
Avocados: Healthy Fat for Diabetics?
I had my gall bladder removed last year. I’m also diabetic. I know I’m supposed to eat low-fat foods. I know avocados contain healthy fat. Should I stay away from them or is it alright to eat them?
Treatment for Ganglion Cyst
I have had a lump on my left wrist for over a year. It was bigger at one time and now is small. Sometimes in protrudes through the skin. I had been wearing a watch at the time I noticed it. Should I be worried about this? It doesn't hurt.
Dry, Itchy Skin in Winter
What is the best way to deal with dry, itchy skin in the winter?
Removal of Moles
Is there any way of removing moles other than surgery?
Breast Implants: Finding a Plastic Surgeon
I’m considering breast implants. What should I look for (beyond board certification) in selecting my plastic surgeon?
Ambien and Memory Loss
I have to take Ambien for sleep a few times a month and notice that I don’t remember certain things that happen after I’ve taken the Ambien. Is this normal?
Foods for Hypothyroidsm
Are there certain foods which can help my hypothyroid condition?
Sore Throat Remedies
I feel a sore throat coming on. What can I do keep the condition from worsening?
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