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Reasons for a C-Section Delivery
I want to have a natural birth. What are some reasons my doctor might recommend I have a C-section delivery?
Avoiding a C-Section Birth
Are there ways that I can help avoid a C-section delivery?
Vaginal Birth vs C-Section
I am afraid of having a vaginal birth. Can I request a C-section delivery?
Bonding with Baby After C-Section
After a C-section birth, how long will I have to wait before I can bond with my child (breastfeeding, skin-on-skin contact, holding my baby)?
Vaginal Birth After a C-Section?
If I have a C-section with my first pregnancy, does that mean I will have to have one for any future pregnancies?
Recovery from a C-Section
Does recovery time after a C-section differ from a vaginal birth?
Risks of C-Section Births
Do C-section births have increased risks for me and my baby?
Birth Control During Menopause
I am 51 years old. What is my chance of still getting pregnant, and how should I handle birth control as I move through menopause?
Uterine Contractions at 22 Weeks
I am 22 weeks pregnant. How normal are contractions of the uterus? Is this something big enough to contact my doctor about?
Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy
What foods should I avoid in pregnancy?
Medications During Pregnancy?
What medications are safe to take during pregnancy?
Tomatoes in a Diabetic Diet?
My husband has type 2 diabetes. He heard that tomatoes have too much sugar in them, however, most recipes for diabetics contain tomatoes or tomato products. How do tomatoes fit into a diabetic diet?
Are Birth Plans Necessary
Are birth plans necessary?
Sex Drive After a Baby?
My friends tell me their sex drive wasn’t the same after they had a baby. Is that true?
Morning Sickness Relief
How can I get relief from morning sickness?
OK to Have Sex During Pregnancy?
Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy?
Risks of Pregnancy After 35
What are the risks of having a baby if I am 35 or older?
Weight Gain in Pregnancy
A pregnant woman gains more weight than the weight of the baby itself - where does this other weight go?
Should I Eat for Two?
While pregnant, should I "eat for two?"
Gaining Too Much Pregnancy Weight
What should I do if I am gaining too much weight during my pregnancy?
Calcium for Lactose-Intolerant Pregnant Women
I don't like and can't tolerate milk and dairy products. How can I add calcium to my diet during pregnancy?
Conception Possible During Menstruation?
I’ve heard that you can’t get pregnant during your period. Is this just an old wives tale? Should I be concerned about protection during this time?
Perimenopause and Pregnancy
I’m a women in her 50s who is going through perimenopause. I have only had one menstrual period this year. Is there still a possibility that I could get pregnant?
Increasing Chances of Conception
My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I have a few questions that I’m kind of embarrassed to ask our doctor. Does an orgasm help you get pregnant? Should I try and keep the sperm in for awhile, and is there a best sex position for conception?
Vitamin C and the Efficacy of Birth Control Pills
I've been on birth control for five years. I did not skip a dose, but I’m having mid-cycle bleeding after having unprotected sex. I took vitamin C for a cold and read that excessive amounts can cause birth control to stop working. Is this true?
Birth Control Options
I’m 38 and have been in a relationship for three years. I’ve been on the pill for 20 years and don’t want more kids. But I don’t like the melasma side effect of birth control pills. I’ve considered an IUD but know someone whose device migrated. Options?
Tubal Ligation at Age 20
What are the risks of getting your tubes tied? Are your early 20s too soon to get this procedure done?
Endometriosis and Pregnancy
I was diagnosed with endometriosis but had a subsequent healthy pregnancy. I was told that endometriosis “goes away” during pregnancy. Can I expect that it's gone, or might it return?
Getting Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control
I was on the Depo Provera shot for about two years then switched to the birth control pill. I’m trying to get pregnant but I’m having irregular periods. I think my uterine lining is thin. What else can I do to get pregnant?
Fertility Problems: Should I Be Tested?
I’ve been trying to conceive for three months now and no luck. Is something wrong with me?
Should I Lose Weight Before I Get Pregnant?
What are the risks of having a baby when you’re overweight? I need to lose weight, but I’m worried I’ll never have a baby if I hold off until I’ve lost weight.
Increased Fertility Before Menopause?
Do women experience a surge in fertility at any point in perimenopause or just before menopause?
Fertility Problems
How long should a couple attempt to get pregnant before seeking fertility treatments? My husband and I have been trying for over a year.
Non-Medical Approaches to Infertility
My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. Are there any non-medical approaches, such as relaxation or meditation techniques, that could improve my chances of becoming pregnant?
Pregnancy and Advanced Maternal Age
With all the advances in fertility treatments, how old is too old for a woman to try to get pregnant?
Unexplained Infertility: Causes and treatment of infertility
What are the proper steps to take when researching unexplained infertility?
Fertility Treatments and Increased Cancer Risks?
Is a woman undergoing fertility treatments at higher risk of getting cancer than a woman of the same age who has not taken these drugs?
Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation
What is the success rate for tubal ligation reversal? What options for getting pregnant does a woman have if she's had a tubal ligation?
Mommy Makeovers: Plastic surgery and mommy makeovers
I'm 37 and just had my second child. I exercise and eat well, but notice a lot of sagging skin on my body after this second pregnancy. I've heard about "Mommy Makeovers". Can you tell me more about this?
Adenomyosis: Andenomyosis and fertility
I was recently diagnosed with adenomyosis. How does this affect me if my husband and I want to have a baby? How much chance do I have of getting pregnant?
Chances of getting pregnant after tubal ligation
How likely is it for a woman to get pregnant after having her tubes tied?
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