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Breast Health

Breast Health

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Mammogram Screening for Breast Cancer Survivors
How often should I have a mammogram? I am 77 years old and had breast cancer, and my mother died of breast cancer.
Should I Be Concerned About Sore Nipples and Breasts?
I’m getting ready to have my 53rd birthday, and for the last two weeks my breast (especially my nipples) has been very sore and tender. There has never been any breast cancer diagnosed in my family. Should I be concerned?
Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations
Breast cancer runs in my family (mother). Should I get a mammogram earlier than 40?
Radiation from Digital vs. Regular Mammogram
My mom died of breast cancer at the age of 55, so I've been getting mammograms since the age of 30. Is there a risk of radiation exposure from having regular mammograms? Should I be getting digital mammograms instead?
"Gummy Bear" Breast Implants
I recently read about the new “gummy bear” breast implants. I understand that it’s a more cohesive gel, but does this make it a better choice than the regular saline or silicone types? Are there any side effects and how long do these last?
Over-the-Counter Progesterone Cream
Is it safe for me to use Pro-G-Yam progesterone cream for hot flashes? I have a family history of breast cancer. Is progesterone the same as estrogen?
Benign Breast Lumps vs. Cancerous Breast Lumps
What does a breast cancer lump feel like? I heard the lumps that move when touched aren't as much of a concern.
Does Mastitis History Increase Breast Cancer Risk?
Does a history of mastitis increase my risk for breast cancer?
Breast Lifts Without Implants?
Is it possible to lift small breasts without needing implants to fill up the sagging skin?
Additional Views During a Mammogram
I had breast cancer 10 years ago. I went thru chemo and radiation. I’ve had mammograms every year since. What does it mean when additional pictures are needed because of denseness? What is the cause, and what is the chance it’s a reoccurrence of cancer?
Mammograms: Are mammograms effective for men?
Are mammograms effective for men?
Breast Implants and Cancer Detection
I'm a 40-year-old woman considering modest-sized breast implants. Will they interfere with the ability to detect breast cancer?
How Can I Increase My Milk Production?
I am a new mom, college student and still nursing my daughter. I use a pump but my production keeps going down. I drink herbal teas. What can I do to keep my production from dropping? My daughter is five months old and I hope to nurse for one year.
Breast Tenderness Causes
Is tenderness in the breast a concern for cancer? I have tenderness in just one fingertip size area to the left of the areola of the right breast.
Breast Augmentation Right for Older Woman?
Is a 68-year-old female a good candidate for breast augmentation?
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