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Caregiving / Senior Health

Caregiving / Senior Health

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What Age for Pneumonia Vaccine?
At what age should I have a pneumonia vaccination? Thank you!
Differentiating Between Grief and Clinical Depression
My mom died a few months ago and dad isn’t taking it well. He’s lost interest in food, socializing, is not sleeping well, and has guilt about “unfinished business” in their relationship. How can I tell the difference between natural grief and depression?
Mammogram Screening for Breast Cancer Survivors
How often should I have a mammogram? I am 77 years old and had breast cancer, and my mother died of breast cancer.
Should I Get a Shot to Prevent Shingles?
I am a woman (59) and I have been hearing that one out of three people get shingles. I was wondering if I should get a vaccination. Am I insured for this, if not, how much does this shot cost?
Hearing Loss Research and New Treatments
Is there any research being done to help treat and prevent hearing loss? So many older people I know seem to be dealing with it.
Is Hearing Loss Inevitable As We Age?
Is hearing loss inevitable as we age? Is there anything we can do to prevent it?
Stroke Recovery and Treatment
My dad had a stroke two months ago. He is still having some trouble with walking and speaking. Can you tell me if a stroke victim can ever return to “normal”?
Hearing Loss
My husband has been complaining that I'm not hearing everything he says. If I had hearing loss, wouldn't I certainly know it?
Who Should Get Shingles Vaccine?
My mother, who is 91, had a mastectomy 30 years ago. Luckily, she is still in good health today. Is it okay for her to get a shingles shot now? It's hard to tell whether her immune system is weak or not.
Are Two Hearing Aids Needed?
I have two hearing aids, but find that sometimes when I use both, the sound is too intense, so I remove one. Are two hearing aids really necessary?
Nocturia: Frequent urination at night
What can I do about frequent urination during the night? I wake up at least once or twice to urinate. Are there things I can try myself?
Causes of Memory Loss
Memory loss or changes may have multiple causes or impersonators. What are some of them other than stress? Are early onset dementia symptoms recognizable by the person experiencing the symptoms?
Parkinson's Disease Symptoms and Diagnosis
I’ve been noticing slight tremors, some speech difficulties and stiffness in my 72-year-old dad. Could these symptoms be related to Parkinson’s disease? How is it diagnosed?
Heart Attack: Partner's concern about recovery
My husband had triple bypass open heart surgery with a terrific outcome. Since his heart attack I’m not sleeping well. My doctor prescribed sleeping pills which I don’t take in case he needs me. What can I do to feel more confident that he’s doing ok?
When Is It Time for Hospice?
My father has cancer and we think it may be time to find out about hospice services. What questions should we ask?
Which Hearing Aids Are Best?
I have moderate hearing loss in both ears. I’ve been fitted with behind the ear hearing aids at three centers with no real improvement in discerning speech (ambient noise comes through loud and clear). Which are best to help me hear normal conversations?
Symptoms of stroke
How do I know if I have had a stroke?
Alzheimer's Symptoms
I’m concerned that my 75-year-old mother may be showing signs of early Alzheimer’s. Can you tell me what I should look for and what steps we should take?
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