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How Long Does Sunscreen Last?
My son is in school all day, then jumps into a car to travel to an outdoor swim practice. He has about five minutes to get ready. If we apply sunscreen in the morning, is it still effective eight hours later? What sunscreens are best for his situation?
Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Cancer
I am a prostate cancer survivor, age 72, who remains interested in sexual activity. However I suffer from ED and have not found medications to be helpful. Are the penal constrictive devices an option? What other options are available?
Treatment after Glioblastoma
I had a glioblastoma tumor removed a month ago and now deciding if I should receive chemo and radiation. I understand treatment will only prolong my life by 20 more months. Is it worth the toxic effects of chemo and radiation for those extra months?
Saw Palmetto for Prostate Cancer?
Is there any benefit to taking supplements such as Saw Palmetto to help reduce or prevent prostate cancer? I have read conflicting articles. I am 70 years old and have been on active surveillance for prostate cancer since early 2010.
The Best Sunscreen?
I just read information about sun protection, noting the ingredients necessary for a good sun screen. I checked the sunscreens I use and see NONE of those ingredients. Can you recommend a product with the best ingredients?
Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations
Breast cancer runs in my family (mother). Should I get a mammogram earlier than 40?
Family History of Melanoma
I’m female (58) who was raised at a high altitude and has a fair complexion. I have sunburned many times. My family has a history of melanoma. The skin on my face has darkened in blotches and I'm worried.
Does Radiation Therapy Make You Radioactive?
I will be starting radiation therapy soon for breast cancer and have a question that I’m too embarrassed to ask my doctor. Will radiation therapy make me radioactive?
Radiation Therapy for Cancer
My husband has been diagnosed with cancer and will begin radiation therapy soon. Can you tell me if this type of therapy is safe, are there side effects, and what can he do to stay as healthy as he can during the treatments?
Hysterectomy and Excessive Gas
Thirteen years ago I had a total hysterectomy, when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Since the surgery I’ve noticed I have a lot of gas, which is rather embarrassing, especially in public. Is this a normal post-surgical side effect for this su
Fertility Treatments and Increased Cancer Risks?
Is a woman undergoing fertility treatments at higher risk of getting cancer than a woman of the same age who has not taken these drugs?
Hysterectomy and Loss of Libido
Two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare uterine cancer. The doctors took everything including some lymph nodes. I’ve always had a healthy sexual appetite but since my surgery I feel numb - like a robot with no feelings. Is there anything I can do?
Additional Views During a Mammogram
I had breast cancer 10 years ago. I went thru chemo and radiation. I’ve had mammograms every year since. What does it mean when additional pictures are needed because of denseness? What is the cause, and what is the chance it’s a reoccurrence of cancer?
Mammograms: Are mammograms effective for men?
Are mammograms effective for men?
When Is It Time for Hospice?
My father has cancer and we think it may be time to find out about hospice services. What questions should we ask?
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