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Children/Teen Health

Children/Teen Health

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Toddler Only Wants Cereal
My 2 1/2 year old was once a great eater, but now wants to eat only cereal - plain Cheerios to be exact. He won't eat any dinner but complains he's hungry before bed, so I let him have some cereal. How do I break the cycle?
Low-Carb Diet for Children?
With all this talk about carbs being the enemy, is a low-carb diet appropriate for children?
What is Precocious Puberty?
My six year old niece began to smell strongly of B.O. My sister-in-law mentioned this to their pediatrician who then diagnosed my niece with "precocious puberty." What are the causes and long term affects of this condition?
Circumcise an Older Child?
I chose not to circumcise my son. Now the AAP issued a policy statement that actively endorses circumcision. While my son is only two years old, I worry that I made the wrong decision. Should I have him circumcised now?
Melatonin for Kids?
My sister-in-law's pediatrician recommended Melatonin to help her three year-old go to sleep at night. She says it works well. But how safe can this type of thing be for toddlers?
Is a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Healthy For Children?
Is it healthy for children to be vegetarians or vegans? I am a vegetarian, but I have some concerns that my children (4 and 8) might not get enough nutrients.
Preventing Herpes Simplex Transmition
I’ve been infected with HSV1 for a year. Due to my infection I've become disturbingly obsessed with cleanliness and letting no one (including my daughter and husband) near my lips. Can I pass the virus even if I have yet to have any symptoms whatsoever?
CT Scan Exposure On Teen
What can happen to a teen in the future if they have already had more than 10 CT scans in one year?
Do Birth Control Pills Help Painful Periods?
My daughter (16) has very painful periods, to the point of lying on the floor and crying. A friend told me that birth control pills will help. Needless to say, I'm not thrilled at the prospect but I hate to see her go through so much pain each month.
Emotional or Behavioral Problems in Adolescence
I can’t tell if my son (14) is just being a teenager or if his symptoms might be early signs of a mental health problem. He’s not doing as well in school, overly sensitive to comments, sleeping more, and bingeing on junk food. How do I approach this?
Allergy and Cold Symptoms: How are they different?
My 6 year old daughter has recently been sneezing, coughing, and is tired. How can I tell if this is caused my allergies or if it’s a common cold?
Iron Supplements for Athletic Teens
Is it safe to take a low dose iron supplement if you're not anemic? My teenage daughter is a distance runner, and her coach recommends them for girls on the cross country team.
Are Allergies and Asthma Inherited?
Are some allergies and asthma inherited? My sister and I seem to be allergic to the same foods and pollens. Also do children every outgrow these conditions?
Can Children Get Rosacea?
Can children get Rosacea? I just read your article about it and think my 13-year-old might have it. Please let me know if that is possible. She has fair skin and red cheeks almost all the time. Sometimes her cheeks burn and they feel warm to the touch.
Tattoos and Skin Infections
My 17 year old son got a tattoo about two weeks ago. The skin is now looking red and bumpy. Could this be an infection ot just a skin irritation? Should he see a doctor?
Prolonged Sore Throat Causes
What can I do for a sore throat of a 6 year old? He has seen a physician twice, has no fever or infection, but continues to complain of a sore throat.
Auditory Response Brainstem Hearing Test for Babies
How old must a child be before a reliable hearing test can be done?
Flat Feet in Children
My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with flat feet by our regular doctor. She sometimes complains of pain in her legs. Our doctor said that she will probably outgrow it. If not, what are her treatment options? Is there anything I can do for her now?
Nosebleed Causes and Prevention
My 8 year old son gets nosebleeds often. What causes them and can they be prevented?
Hearing Tests for Children
My 10 year old daughter is having trouble with comprehension and focus in school. Do you think that her hearing should be tested?
Prescription Drug Use in Teens
My daughter is about to enter high school, and I hear that kids are dabbling in prescription drugs more than old stand-bys like pot and alcohol. What are signs of prescription drug use in teens?
Menarche: The start of a girl's menstrual period
Does a girl have to reach a certain weight before her periods begin?
Bedwetting Causes and Treatment
What causes bedwetting? My grandson (age 11) has wet the bed continuously. The medication he was given didn’t help. He says he just can't wake up and sleeps right through it. I want him to feel good about himself so I'm reaching out for any guidance.
Pink Eye: Pink eye causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment
What are the symptoms of pink eye? How is it treated?
Kidney Pain in Child
My 12 year old son is complaining of pain in his kidneys and lower back. I've asked what he’s done before this pain (such as stressful activities) yet he says "just walking or running”. Should I be concerned about this or is it more like "growing pains?"
Teenager Tired All the Time
Why would a young adult male, 19 years old and physically fit, have decreased energy levels? He never feels well rested and when awakens has a hard time becoming alert. What lab work should he have done? What are other areas do we need to look at?
Teens and Sleep: How much sleep do teens need?
My teenage son stays up late and only gets about seven hours of sleep. He says he feels fine, but is he?
Indigestion: Indigestion prevention and treatment
My daughter (18) just went off to college and says she is having constant gas and diarrhea, almost like her food has not digested. What would you recommend to help her?
Nosebleed Causes, Prevention and Treatment
My three kids have nosebleeds almost daily (so do their father and grandfather). Is there anything we can or should do?
Children and Contact Allergies
My daughter has had a horrible rash around her eyes and sometimes ears for the past two years. The rash is not itchy, gets really dry and seeps at times. Do you have any suggestions?
Children and Food Allergies
My 2 1/2 year old son constantly has colds, but I'm beginning to think he might be allergic to some foods. He shows no sign of allergies other than constant, pink rashy cheeks. Does this sound like allergies?
Children and Iron Deficiency: Iron rich foods
My 2-year-old son is iron deficient. What are some food that are rich in iron that a little one will eat?
Teenager Not Using Soap
I am a 34 year old stepmom to a 13 year old girl who has started mensturating and refuses to use soap when showering. Are there any concrete reasons you can give me that would encourage her to use soap?
Pregnancy and breast feeding
I just had a baby in September and am still breast feeding. Can I still become pregnant while breast feeding?
Energy Drinks for Kids: Are they healthy?
My kids drink those energy drinks every day. Is this bad for their health? How would I convince them of that?
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