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Health advice and news from Sutter Health’s Northern California experts. The latest on fitness, nutrition, menopause, disease prevention and more.

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No, Not Another Diet | MyLifeStages
Introducing A Lighter Way -- A 6-month, online weight loss program with Dr. Tak Poon. You can begin at any time. Follow along by subscribing to this blog (see prompts above) to be notified of each new post.
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No, Not Another Diet

Posted on 07/01/2013  by  Dr. Tak Poon

Introducing A Lighter Way -- A 6-month, online weight loss program with Dr. Tak Poon. You can begin at any time. Follow along by subscribing to this blog (see prompts above) to be notified of each new post. Then use these weight loss tips at home.Feet on a scale

What is the point of losing weight and keeping it off if the process makes you feel lousy? Besides, you’d never keep it up and just end up feeling worse.

The program we'll be talking about over the next few months focuses on what it means to truly enjoy life, helping you to recognize the negative impact extra weight has on your health and instead choosing a lifestyle that will help you live your fullest life. It is particularly useful if you are caught in the miserable cycle of stress and weight gain.


Over the next 6 months I'll be outlining 10 steps toward better health and a better life -- 1 step every 2 weeks, to get you started on a journey you won’t want to stop. These 10 steps contain best practices distilled not only from clinical studies but also from the positive real life experiences of CardioMetabolic Program (CMP) participants much like you in my medical practice in the past 10 years[2]. Before joining CMP, these thousand people had failed many diet and exercise programs, so they knew what they were supposed to do but just couldn’t make themselves do it consistently. Sound familiar?

What Works

Consistent with clinical research,  program participants only had to lose about 7% of their body weight at the beginning of the program to reap benefits. They found it was much easier to achieve that by adding a little more than 20 minutes of physical activity a day. Rather than dieting, they intelligently re-designed their eating habits in sustainable ways. 

Smart tactics and long term strategies were much more effective than fear and deprivation for short term gains. And the key to their success was learning effective skills for managing negativity and for feeling good inside, breaking away from the habits of mindless eating they didn’t even enjoy and of defaulting to instant/constant gratification from food only to feel much worse later.

Contrary to most commercial weight loss programs, where about ½ of the participants drop out,[3]  more than 95% of our participants finished the entire 4-6 month program. Consistent with previous research, 2/3 of our patients realized crucial clinical benefits[4], as measured by objective medical tests. All of these thousand people reported great improvement not only in their lifestyle but also their lives. 

Getting Started

My next post will be motivational in nature. After that, we'll get busy with Step #1.  I encourage you to try all of the 10 steps at least once and keep practicing the steps that feel right to you. If you quit following and start feeling poorly again, then your body may be telling you to get back to it. Your mind knows what’s good and bad for you in the long run, but at any given moment temptations may overcome reason. Once re-sharpened, the wisdom of your body-mind-spirit will guide you to effortlessly make the best choices without sacrifice or guilt, and with only joy. So enjoy!

Overcoming Obesity and Extra Pounds

The obesity epidemic in the past 30 years of my medical practice has been, for me, the most challenging, humbling and educational experience in medicine and in life. It is far from merely about diet and exercise. It encompasses much of the complexities of the human condition in modern life. And yet the solutions end up being simple although not that easy. To tackle it takes way more than medical tools. It takes all of human wisdom. And because it is so pervasive and challenging, people feel that if they can succeed in this one thing, they can do just about anything.

The primary reason 95% of our 1000 participants stuck with it to the end is, I believe, because lasting weight loss goes beyond weight loss and health . It’s about taking back your life, getting back in sync with your body, mind and spirit in order to fulfill your own life’s unique purpose.


How to begin the program

Preparing Yourself for Lasting Weight Loss




Dr. Tak PoonCardiologist Tak Poon, M.D., is a member of Sutter Health's Mills-Peninsula Physician Network.  To leave a comment for Dr. Poon or subscribe to this blog Join MyLifeStages

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[2] (CMP) The CardioMetabolic Program (2004- ) is a medically designed and supervised lifestyle coaching program for overweight patients using a body-mind-spirit comprehensive approach. Groups of 8-12 meet with highly trained healthcare facilitators weekly for 4-6 months to affect sustainable medical evidence based healthy lifestyle changes, augmented by an emphasis on daily stress management and cultivation of a deeper sense of wellbeing in life. Founder and Director: Tak C. Poon, MD, FACC, PAMF, Mills-Peninsula Division, Burlingame, CA.
[3] Systematic Review: An Evaluation of Major Commercial Weight Loss Programs in the United States. Ann Intern Med. 2005;142:56-66
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[4] Koliwad, SK, Littrell, S, and Poon, TC (2005) A patient-centered lifestyle modification program to treat metabolic syndrome in the community. Diabetes & Vasc. Dis. Res. 2(3): 170.


MayaFoy wrote on 02/09/2015

This would be of help for you <a href="http://www.livestrong.com/">Livestrong< a>

ursaminor wrote on 02/04/2014

I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Do you include guidance for us as well? I know that my diet is not the main problem, but my reluctance to exercise because of OA pain. Thanks for conducting this program. I see that all the previous posts are from last year. Are you starting over in 2014?

nmca3288 wrote on 08/19/2013

I would like to be a part of this program. Up until I was 20 I didn't had a weight problem. But with depression and anxiety over the years I started gaining weight and since then I haven't been able to loose any weight. I have tried several diets and I loose a few pounds and as soon as I get off it I gain it all back.

tmmlizjosh wrote on 07/27/2013

Looking forward to the program. A family member has had the good fortune of being treated by Dr. Poon in the past and I am aware of his dedication and commitment. I will be checking in with my orthopedic specialist this Monday. I have OA on my right knee which causes me to be unstable in my walk and is painful most of the time. It has limited my physical activity due to joint pain and I tend to limp, I am hoping the loss of weight (I am obese) will help my joints!!

donnaknits wrote on 07/24/2013

I'm taking a meditation class this summer to de-stress. I know that stress eating is one of my biggest problems. My goal is to reduce the inflammation in my body with the expectation that my hiatal hernia will be healed, as well. I have re-dedicated myself to cardio 30 minutes/5days/week. My next goal is to get back to weight lifting. Here's to great health, everybody!

50girl wrote on 07/24/2013

Ok, I am ready. I am open to change. Right now things are stressful at work and at home. (Daughter getting married soon!) Thank you for putting this program together and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Tanzy5 wrote on 07/23/2013

I just asked my Sutter Dr. for a referral to help me. I have been gaining weight since my knee replacement and can't seem to get the inner strength to turn things around. I sure hope this can help me. Thank you.

CatGoddess wrote on 07/23/2013

I've been trying to lose 10 pounds for 4 months; all I've done is GAINED a couple of pounds. I'm ready to try this!

Sutter Health Affiliated ClinicianHealthy Living Blog  wrote on 07/21/2013

David, you ask a good question, and we hope you'll stick with us. We prefer to introduce the program in pieces. Several years ago we tried accelerating our program to 8 weeks and it did not work nearly as well. Since it is “No, not another diet…” but instead a body-mind-spirit lifestyle journey to health and wellness, our 10-year experience has shown that it takes people about 3 months of weekly try-out to really get it, 4 months for it to sink in and 6 months to own it. - Dr. Poon

ScootingAlong wrote on 07/21/2013

Can't wait to get started...it sounds so simple and doable...thanks so much, I had about given up on me...i hate ruining my health with my mouth!

Sutter Health Affiliated ClinicianHealthy Living Blog  wrote on 07/19/2013

Thanks for following along, Moona99. The best way to stay up to date on Dr. Poon's posts will be to subscribe to this blog via email. You can do this using the prompt toward the top of this page under the main header for the Healthy Living Blog.

moona99 wrote on 07/19/2013

i like to be included in this program. looking forward. pls E mail me

David McLain wrote on 07/18/2013

Why can't I have all the information now. Or is there somewhere I can go to download all the steps without waiting

Vermafam wrote on 07/18/2013

Looking forward to being a part of your program. Need it real bad. Thanks.

Loves to Dance! wrote on 07/18/2013

I look forward to more on this as it appears to be in line w/my 12-step program. Thanks.