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Neti Pot Alternatives

  • Saline Solutions Are an Option

  • For some, the idea of a Neti Pot is just too much. There are saline solutions sold in drug stores that can be sprayed into the nose to rinse. Differently shaped plastic bottles are also available to squeeze saline solution into the nose with your head upright. Each of these methods should also be done in a shower or over the sink, so you can gently blow out the water used.

    Allergist Steve Rubinstein, M.D., recommends the aerosol cans of saline solution as a portable option. “I suggest patients carry these cans when they go outdoors. If used within five minutes of encountering a strong allergen, it can head off the allergic response of the body. Take it on your hike, or when you might encounter perfume, smoke, or other irritants.”

    Dr. Rubinstein cautions patients to avoid pre-packaged squeeze bottles of saline solution. “There is too great a chance of pulling mucus back into these bottles, where it remains in the solution.” He notes that aerosol cans, or the bottles that can be taken apart and cleaned, don’t carry that danger.

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