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Tips for Weekend Warriors

  • Avoid Injury, Protect Your Joints

  • For baby boomers still going full-throttle in activities from golf to tennis to martial arts, heeding a few simple tips may prevent common injuries.

    According to Ramiro Avina, Mills-Peninsula exercise physiologist, flexibility, core strengthening and cardio training may help prevent muscle pulls, strained low back and more serious back problems such as ruptured disks and hip pain.

    “Flexibility training helps keep joints at a full range of motion,” he said.

    Avina recommends full body stretching at least three times a week, holding each stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.

    Core strengthening is also key to preventing injury because all athletic movements stem from the abdominal region — typically the weakest area of the body.

    “People lift weights for arms and legs but forget about the core,” he said.

    Last but not least, cardiovascular training to increase aerobic capacity is essential.

    “Keeping your cardio system fit will do wonders for athletic performance,” Avina said.

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