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8 Ways to Overcome Your Fitness and Weight Loss Obstacles

    • 1. You don’t have a good place to walk, or your only time to work out is at night when it’s dark.

      Create your own home gym with exercise DVDs, a treadmill and hand weights . . . or join a gym. (Watch our video on creating a home fitness circuit.)

      2. Your knees and other joints ache after workouts.

      Incorporate two non-weight-bearing workouts a week (e.g., swimming, cycling, elliptical trainers).

      3. You get bored during workouts.

      Find a machine at your gym with a television attached; plug in and enjoy some guilty pleasure viewing. You might also try working with a personal trainer for added motivation. See how to save on the cost of a personal trainer.

      4. You don’t know how many more apples, oranges, spring greens and mini carrots you can stand to consume.

      Expand your definition of salad. For example, try a Mexican salad with greens, black beans, corn and scallions. Or, enjoy soups packed with veggies. (Winter root vegetables like turnips, rutabagas and parsnips are great in soups and stews.) You might also be surprised to see what you can eat, even when you’re trying to lose weight. See the 10 best foods for weight loss.

      5. You just can’t stop at two cookies, one handful of organic cheese puffs or one scoop of ice cream.

      Eliminate temptation. Don’t keep those foods at home. Instead, go out for a special treat once a week, where you can enjoy your serving without the temptation to go back for seconds. If sugar is a real problem for you, you might even try our Sugar Detox Diet developed by a clinical nutritionist.

      6. Your schedule is unpredictable and you can’t seem to establish an exercise routine.

      Schedule your workouts at the beginning of each week and treat those engagements as if you would a doctor’s appointment or an important meeting.

      7. You’re tired.

      Exercise anyway. You’ll feel energized, both physically and mentally, after a good workout.

      8. You’re embarrassed about your appearance at the gym.

      Treat yourself to some performance workout clothes and good quality shoes. Regardless of your weight, you'll look and feel better in new workout clothes and proper gear.

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