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Signs of High Blood Pressure - The Quiet Disease

    • You feel well, are active, nothing hurts. So you’re healthy, right? What about your blood pressure? Do you think you would catch the signs of high blood pressure? The answer is likely, no.

      One in three adults has high blood pressure, but may not be aware of it, because the signs of hypertension are largely silent. High blood pressure might be wreaking havoc on your body without any warning signs. Left untreated high blood pressure can lead to a host of serious problems, including:

      • Heart disease, including chest pain (angina)
      • Heart attack
      • Congestive heart failure – a weakened heart muscle
      • Aneurysms or bulging of the arteries, which can lead to disability or death
      • Stroke and resulting damage to the brain
      • Kidney failure
      • Eye damage and loss of vision

      These conditions occur because untreated high blood pressure can damage the lining of the arteries throughout the body. As they experience continued higher pressure flowing through them, the arteries harden and become less elastic. Blood flows through them less efficiently, causing problems with the organs they are feeding, including the heart, brain, eyes and kidneys.

      The good news? This particular disease is easy to identify – and can be treated. A simple blood pressure reading, performed by your doctor or even in a grocery store blood pressure machine, can alert you if your blood pressure is rising.