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10 Questions to Ask your Doctor Before a Hysterectomy

    • Women and their doctors need to have a frank discussion when considering a hysterectomy. These 10 questions can help guide an informative discussion and informed decision.

      1. What will happen if I don’t have any treatments? Will my condition progress or threaten my life? Will my symptoms go away naturally with menopause?
      2. Is surgery my only option? What other medical treatments or hysterectomy alternatives might be tried before any type of surgery?
      3. Are there surgical procedures to treat my problem that don’t involved removal of my uterus?
      4. What is the length of hospital stay, pain level and recovery time for those procedures?
      5. If I need a hysterectomy, what type of hysterectomy are you recommending? Why this procedure for me?
      6. Do you recommend total or partial removal of my uterus? Will my cervix remain? Do you recommend removal of my fallopian tubes? My ovaries?
      7. What level of pain, length of hospital stay and recover period might I experience with the recommended surgery?
      8. Will I enter menopause after surgery or will surgery hasten the onset of menopause?
      9. When can I get back to exercise? Sexual intercourse? Travel?
      10. What is your personal experience in performing the recommended procedure?

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