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Love Your Body – 12 Month Challenge

    • Follow our month by month plan for a healthier, more vibrant you!

      January | February | Know your risks!
      Loving your body isn’t only about accepting your body in all its imperfections. Loving Your Body is also about action -- taking concrete steps to care for your body’s well-being and vitality.

      March | Keep a food log
      It's time to get real about what we're feeding our bodies. How? By tracking what we eat for at least one week with this simple food log.

      April | Get honest about your health
      Are you fooling yourself about your health? Don’t miss this month’s challenge about the health lies we tell ourselves. It’s bound to be a great conversation.

      May | Get a great workout!
      The number one thing you can do for your health this month? Find the workout that works for you – and stick with it! For inspiration, check out our collection of fitness resources and download this easy exercise log to keep track of your activity.

      June | Love the skin you're in
      It’s bikini season, and those inner critics are on the war path. Make a pact with the women in your life to love your bodies now more than ever!

      July | Get the rest you need
      Sleep deprived? Stressed? This is the month to give yourself some much needed TLC.

      August | Enjoy a healthy sex life
      We’ve got tips all month long for staying healthy and overcoming common obstacles.

      September | Find health in every dimension
      Health isn’t just about tests and workouts. Our attitude and our surroundings play a key role in our overall health. How can you be healthy in every dimension of your life?

      October | Be an expert on your breasts
      As the proud owner of your breasts, you should know them best. We challenge you to learn everything you can about your unique needs and how best to protect your (ahem) assets.

      November | Enjoy your holidays
      Stress less, stay healthy and savor every minute. A month of tips to help even the busiest among us get the most out of the holidays.

      December | Adjust your expectations
      Tips for a kinder, gentler approach to the holidays and your body!

    Love Your Body Challenge
    A 12-month plan to give your body, mind and spirit the love it needs.