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Who is the MyLifeStages Team?

    • The MyLifeStages team is made up of Sutter Health employees and Northern California medical experts dedicated to women’s health. Our chief medical advisor is San Francisco Internist Toni Brayer, M.D., of Sutter’s California Pacific Medical Center.

      The majority of us here at MyLifeStages are women like you, ranging in age from our late 20s to mid 60s. And we don’t just “know” women’s issues, we live them – from the insanity of work/life balance to everyday health matters like belly fat, hot flashes and migraines. Like so many women, want to live the most vibrant lives we can and draw inspiration from those who’ve found that golden balance between caring for oneself and making a difference in the lives of others.

      Love Your Body is our invitation to each of you to join us as we make 2012 the year of self-care, finding concrete ways to give our bodies the love and nourishment it needs.

      To your health! - Your MyLifeStages team

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