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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is MyLifeStages?

    • MyLifeStages is a program offered by Sutter Health to help people improve their health by providing personalized health information, online tools, classes and medical services.

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    • Do I have to “join” MyLifeStages?

    • The basic MyLifeStages website is available to any visitor. However, members who join the site, by completing the registration process, have access to additional features.

      Member features include:

    • Personalized health information for the specific topics of interest to you.

    • The chance to ask questions of our online medical experts and see your answer posted on the site.

    • The ability to read all the questions and answers provided by our online medical experts.

    • The opportunity to follow our Expert Bloggers as they write about health and wellness issues.

    • A list of classes and events offered in your local area and meeting your areas of interest.

    • A personal calendar to track appointments, classes and other important tasks.

    • A “to do” list to help organize and motivate you in your health and wellness activities.

    • The option to write a personal online Journal on any topic of interest – and the option to keep the Journal private or to share it with selected friends and family members.

    • Membership also provides discounts at stores and services in your area!

    Join MyLifeStages today!

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    • Will I get a lot of spam if I join the site?

    • We commit to respecting your privacy as a member of MyLifeStages. The information you provide will only be used by Sutter Health to provide you with important health information and the membership services of MyLifeStages. We will never sell or share your membership information with any other company. You also have the option to receive our e-mail newsletter, with updates on the site and health tips for you and your family.

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    • I’m having problems with the site. How do I report my issues?

    • First, we’re sorry you’re having trouble. You can e-mail our Webmaster for help.

      Please be as descriptive as possible about your problem(s). It will help us to know:

      • What feature or page you were attempting to use

      • If you were signed in as a member

      • Exactly what is going wrong

      • The type of computer you were using (PC or Mac)

      • Tell us how/when to contact you for more details

      It helps if you can send us a screenshot/picture of the page you were on. On most computers, use the Alt and Print Screen keys while on the problem page, and then “paste” into the body of your e-mail.

      Our staff is available during weekday hours to contact you for troubleshooting.

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    • There aren’t many classes in my area, or I don’t see the type of class I want. How can I see more?

    • On the Classes and Events tab, you can use the filter box in the left navigation area to search for ALL classes offered by Sutter Health. In that filter box, you can look for a specific topic; use a specific keyword like “yoga” or “cancer”; enter a zip code to see classes in a certain location, or pick a date range.

      Once you have signed into the site, you can also go to My Account (in the upper right navigation) and add a second zip code to your registration. This will allow you to see classes near your home address and this second zip code whenever you visit the site and sign in.

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